project management


Simplified and straight forward managing of your projects to deliver what you need and when. Plain and simple guidance for you and your team so that you are part of the process and not confused by jargon and project-speak.  Clear and concise but informative reports and metrics give insight and detail on the health of the project.


I bring a standardized and unified approach to all aspects of the project. All stakeholders and team members can engage with each other, collaborate in real-time and update the plan without lengthy and time-consuming status meetings or calls. My approach captures all elements of the project into a single package for ease of tracking, reporting and measuring. Management of issues & risks, as well as decisions made and actions taken, ensures the ability to avoid delays.


Without a plan, a managed plan, you are planning to fail. Managing a project requires skill, experience and the time and focus to ensure success. I bring my experience in large, medium and small organizations to benefit groups such as yours who lack the time and expertise to manage projects. Your company deserves access to the resources I provide.

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