Director of Integrated Solutions Care at Bayshore Home Health

"Mark managed the implementation of a large project that involved detailed planning, implementation and sustainability.  Mark is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.  He was passionate about his work and had a desire to make a difference for our employees and clients.  He paid attention to detail, was well organized and was quick to learn.  I enjoyed his sense of humor, intelligence and ability to create a positive environment during times of change.  His ability to teach and communicate was an asset to the organization and is a true strength of Mark's that was evident on many occasions."

Technology & Business Executive

"Mark led a large multi-year project to deploy technology to 5000+ field staff, in a large decentralized organization.  During this project Mark was instrumental in organizing, planning and coordinating all project related activities and resources.    Mark was able to focus on the stated objectives of the project and prioritize as necessary to accomplish the desired end result.  He skillfully managed the numerous personalities and egos involved with the project, and his enthusiastic attitude was contagious and served to motivate and energize those around him.   Calm and collected under pressure, Mark has strong problem-solving and risk identification skills."

IT Manager Central LHIN

"Mark was a key member of a team that assisted Central CCAC to establish a centralized computer helpdesk function that currently services more than 700 employees. I would recommend his experience and skills to any organization that needs to implement such services for their staff."