workflow optimization



Defined as 'an exercise where workflows are reviewed and evaluated against pre-set criteria', I work with you to understand the current time, number of steps, costs etc. of a particular workflow. As we map and measure the inputs, I look for those steps which are consuming data but not adding value to the end state. I use clear and straightforward mapping techniques to quantify workflows and then demonstrate the savings in optimization. 


Finite time and resources should focus on critical actions and not spend time with duplicate, manual, and low value-add steps and processes. Workflows, inefficient workflows to be precise, exist for any number of reasons. They become entrenched due to personnel, outdated workflows or because no one has the time or will to make changes. With increasing pressure to do more with less (staff, money, time), there is a surge in companies looking to optimize and streamline workflows. Although operations producing goods have adopted these strategies, companies in the technology and information sectors have been less than able. No company, regardless of product or service they provide, can afford inefficient and wasteful workflows. 


I will work with you to identify and simplify workflows to add value at each step, and real savings at the output. I am applying critical methodologies and tools to strip out the inefficiencies in the process and driving results, which are SMART. I will work with you to implement a sustainable change management approach, so adoption takes hold, and the new process becomes the standard. My success in managing change across complicated implementations is the experience I will bring to your organization.

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